Farmers’ markets more than just trendy
May 31st, 2013 by Warren Swil

Fresh fare, fabulous folk

await those who (K)now

Leigh Sauser talks to a customer at her baked goods and yummy chocolates stand at the Victory Park Farmers’ Market on a spring morning recently. © SGE, Inc.

FARMERS’ MARKETS – where the producers get to interact face-to-face with their customers – have been growing increasingly trendy in recent years.
The Pasadena area, where I live, has three of them per week.
Every Saturday morning in the parking lot near Pasadena High School, throngs of people flock to purchase fresh and healthy produce, beautiful flowers, even plants for the garden.
Leigh Sauser is on the other side of the counter.
With a tinge of guilt, I stop at her stall every weekend.
Sauser bakes and cooks up a storm during the week: delicious cookies, other baked goods, chocolate … all the things your doctor tells you to avoid.

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Voice recognition technology improves dramatically

Voice recognition technology used to be merely a gleam someone’s eyes. Today, it is reality, and there is nothing virtual about it.
For this post I’m doing something you all will soon be doing. It represents a true revolution in how we interface with our computing machines.
I am speaking at the computer.
It’s certainly not flawless.
But it has arrived at the point where it is much faster to do it this way and make the minor corrections than to type every letter on the keyboard.

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Structure is spectacular addition to Hollywood

The most recent addition to a revitalized Hollywood – the place, not the concept – is the spectacular W Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard opposite the historic Pantages Theater.
It is intended to anchor the eastern end of the revitalization area, already dominated by the Hollywood/Highland complex in the west.
I had the good fortune to attend a “Get Centered” luncheon event at the W Hotel sponsored by the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center in April. Check out images of the post-modern structure.

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‘THEY MADE US’: NatGeo on the 80s, with video

WITH ALL THE breaking news in mid-April – starting with the Boston Marathon bombings April 15, then the explosion in Texas and ending with the dramatic capture of the second bombing suspect on April 19 – you may easily have missed the best show on television.
The National Geographic channel’s six-part mini-series, “The 80s: The Decade That Made Us.”
It is more than a trip down Nostalgia Lane
Check out the video with this post.

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O.C. Register tries a bold experiment

My former student Jeremy Balan, who served as Editor In Chief of the student newspaper at Pasadena City College, the Courier, in 2008-09, is participating in a bold experiment underway at the Orange County (CA) Register, a gamble by new owner Aaron Kushner, that a huge investment in print – and forcing readers to pay for online content – will pay off.
Everyone in the newspaper industry is watching closely. If Kushner’s strategy works, it’ll show the way for every other daily newspaper publisher in the country.

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Sweden is beautiful, so are the people!

I have landed in Sweden. What a totally magnificent and beautiful country this is. Everyone is so friendly … they all have those Nordic good looks.
Just makes the mouth water!

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Noted TV producer blasts ‘war on drugs’

THE CREATOR of one of America’s most acclaimed television shows – David Simon who produced the wire – blasted U.S. drug policy in a fabulous spread on page 3 of The Observer of the U.K. on Sunday.

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You, too, can become a ‘skip’