SHOOTING ME SHOOTING YOU: Updated – No. 4 Comment on this post ↓
May 2nd, 2013 by Warren Swil

The boundless ways we can use the technology now in our pockets
are limited only by the human imagination

 THIS IS what it has come to: Three times in the past three weeks, I have been in a two-way “photo shoot.” That is, shooting you while you’re shooting me.
No, this ain’t a new sex act. But it is almost as stimulating.
The first time was on April 22, at the fabulous Santo Coyote restaurant in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

An unidentified gentleman from Columbia shoots a picture of me shooting him at the Santo Coyote restaurant in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico on April 22. © Warren Swil, 2013

It was the last night of my intense 65-hour visit to that undiscovered jewel, Mexico’s “second city,” where I was the guest of GDL native, Jairo G., who’s prominent family goes back at least three generations and has played a significant role in the public affairs of its home “town” (today, a booming metropolis with about four million residents).

The update is about three screens down from here. Be patient. This post is now image-heavy and may take longer than usual to load.

I was accommodated on the second floor of one of the family residences: five bedrooms, a bathroom, an outhouse shower and balcony … all to myself. What luxury!
Jim Pekkala, Ray W.S, and I begged Jairo to choose his all-time favorite eatery for a special “last supper.” That’s how we ended up at Santo Coyote.
As we were nearing the end of our gastronomically delightful dinner, the show began – in stereo. We had “front row” seats. Our table for four was situated exactly half way between two round, raised stages, each perhaps 10 feet in diameter.
Around 9 o’clock, two traditionally dressed Mariachi dancers began their routine on the stage to my right. After their first number, a similar pair performed a number to my left.
This flawless show continued for perhaps half an hour.
Then, a different Mariachi group – perhaps eight or nine traditionally clad men, each with his own instrument – appeared.
For 250 pesos, about $25, they would surround a table and perform one song. They gathered at the table right next to ours with of four men, and began their performance.
It was irresistible. I jumped up and started circling the group that was encircling the table, snapping shots with my awesome proCamera app ($2.99 at the AppStore). I was lining up a shot to get our table with my friends in the background, when, through the viewfinder, I saw one of the gentlemen seated in the middle of the performers, rise from his seat and aim his camera at me.
FLASH! In my face. In my viewfinder.
Instinctively, I pointed my camera at him. We both shot half a dozen images of each other shooting each other. Alas, later, he declined when I asked him for contact info so we could exchange images. One of those I shot of him is here.

Craig Amromin captures my “Hi, Mom!” on video at the Brewery ArtWalk on Saturday, April 27. As soon as I can unzip the video file, a clip will be posted here. © Warren Swil, 2013

THE SECOND time was on April 27, at the Brewery Artwalk. I’ve already reported on it in my post “Brewery Artwalk a feast for ALL the Senses” on this blog.
Craig Amromin has already sent me the video clip, but I’m having trouble opening the zip file.
We are working on it right now, and I will add it to this post when we can resolve the issue.
Meanwhile, here is another shot of Craig shooting me on Saturday.