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May 10th, 2013 by Warren Swil

A picture is truly worth a thousand words

in Mexico’s ‘second city’ – an undiscovered jewel

Hotel Riu Plaza Guadalajara has 550 guest rooms, not including the penthouse. It dominates the Guadalajara skyline. It is not even two years old. © SGE, Inc.

TODAY, we focus on visuals.
There were so many rich images in Guadalajara that in a mere 36 hours I shot almost 500 photos on my fabulous proCamera app ($2.99 at the AppStore) and video on my Nikon Coolpix.
With visually appealing topics it is true that a picture is worth a thousand words.
The first image is of the latest and most prominent addition to the Guadalajara skyline, Hotel Riu Plaza Guadalajara, which opened in 2011.
Rising far above the surrounding structures, it is visible from almost anywhere in the city. As you can see, the design is ultra-modern, viewed from any angle.

 Warning: These are large image files. Be patient as they stream across the ether.

The lobby contains a treasure trove of modern art. Its ceiling rises at least three stories, and ornate chandeliers hang down perhaps 20 feet. The affect is awe-inspiring.

Three tourists gape at the stunning artwork in the lobby of Hotel Riu Plaza Guadalajara. Photography is forbidden; I found this out only after taking a dozen shots. © SGE, Inc.

(Photography in the lobby is forbidden, but I didn’t know this until, after I had snapped a dozen shots, a security guard approached and told me to stop. Too late!)