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June 5th, 2013 by Warren Swil

Reporter partially absolved

since defense did not raise

issue in cross examination

Adrian Lamo is seen on ABC’s “Forgotten Man” report aired in 2011. Screen capture from video. © SGE, Inc.

THE STORY  in this morning’s national edition of The New York Times on page 3 about the second day of the WikiLeaks trial omits some significant information about key prosecution witness Adrian Lamo.
However, Charlie Savage is partially absolved since the defense did not raise the issue during cross-examination of Lamo. “Former hacker testifies at Private’s Court-Martial” (print headline.)
Savage’s account of Tuesday’s testimony presents Lamo as a credible witness. He is far from that.
In an interview in 2011 with Australian television station ABC’ “Four Corners” investigative journalism program, it is revealed that Lamo has a history of psychiatric illness, and in fact, just before he reported Bradley Manning to the Feds, had been confined to a mental institution.

The video has since expired on the ABC website so I am unable to bring it to you here on “In the (K)now.”
You can view it yourself at the following link: Click here

HERE IS A TRANSCRIPT of the relevant portion which comes about two-thirds of the way into the program: