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July 24th, 2013 by Warren Swil

Public discussion of U.S.

responsibility needed

‘We broke it, we should fix it’

The Quatar-based Al Jazeera television network is doing an admirable job of covering the deteriorating situation in Iraq. It’s headlines tell a depressing tale. Click image to enlarge.

AS IRAQ DESCENDS DEEPER into chaos and fears of all-out civil war increase, the topic seems to have disappeared from the public discussion in America.
The headlines in foreign media, however, are disturbing.
Iraq’s summer of terror was the title of an Al Jazeera report on July 20, and the sub-headline was:
“Fears loom of all-out civil war with nearly 600 people killed in July and violence intensifying”
On Tuesday, the BBC carried the following story (which, coincidentally, reminds us of one of the darkest chapters of the ill-fated and costly mistake known as “Shock and Awe” – the scandalous behavior of U.S. troops at Abu Ghraib prison):
Al-Qaeda claims Abu Ghraib and Taji mass jailbreaks.
“Al-Qaeda has said it carried out two mass jailbreaks in Iraq, which freed hundreds of prisoners including senior leaders of the Islamist militant group.”
It seems like we in the U.S. are either too embarrassed or too guilt-ridden to pay much attention.

NOT EVEN A DECADE AGO, then-U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell was quoted in the book “Plan of Attack” as cautioning President George Bush before the war in Iraq that he would “own” Iraq and all its problems, after military victory. It was called the “Pottery Barn rule”: you broke it, you fix it.

Inside the Abu Ghraib prison, scene of a massive jailbreak Sunday for which Al Qaida has claimed credit. Click image to enlarge.

Have we forgotten the trillions of dollars and thousands of lives lost because of Bush and Dick Cheney’s lies to the American people that led us into that disastrous misadventure in nation building?
Instead, Anthony Weiner’s penis is back on the front page!
Here’s another headline from Al Jazeera:
 “Iraq sees biggest wave of violence in years was the story on July 16.
“More than 300 people were killed in July in blasts at football fields, mosques and cafes,” was the sub headline.
Meanwhile, a search of The New York Times database for coverage of violence in Iraq in the past 30 days retuned only 10 stories this morning.
Five of those stories were from the Associated Press, the wire service.
To its credit, the Times did publish a staff-written story on July 20 titled: Wave of Violence Continues in Iraq
“A suicide bomber drove into an army patrol in Iraq on Monday, killing 22 soldiers and four civilians in a northern city as a wave of insurgent attacks throughout Iraq continued, a security source said,” Duraid Adnan reported form Baghdad.
Have we in the U.S. developed a case of amnesia? Or is it just too easy to forget about the death and destruction that was perpetrated in our name?
Meanwhile, the man responsible is honored with a “presidential library” at Southern Methodist University.
In a bitter irony, it describes its mission this way:
“The Museum at the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum tells the story of the United States in an extraordinary time.”
Extraordinary, indeed!

The BBC is featuring many stories on the continuing violence in Iraq, which U.S. television news ignores them. Click image to enlarge.

Not since Lyndon Johnson have the American people been so blatantly and dishonestly led into a disastrous foreign policy blunder of such an enormous magnitude. And the toll keeps mounting; at least Vietnam today is a prospering semi-democracy.
It is time to put the future of what is left of the country we destroyed back on the national agenda.
We cannot turn our backs on a nightmare that we created.
We broke it, we should fix it.

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  • Raghead writes:
    July 24th, 2013

    Why should America do anything?
    We should not meddle in the internal affairs of ANY country.
    Gess it’s too late for that.

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