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August 24th, 2013 by Warren Swil

 Speaking to millions:

The back story 

This is how I appeared on the show. Button up shirt and tie a novelty! Click image to enlarge. © SGE, Inc. All rights reserved.

IT IS RARE that us mere mortals are afforded the same opportunity that folks like Scott Pelly (of CBS) and Brian Williams (of NBC) get every evening.
They speak daily to an audience of millions about the most important issues in the news.
Today, I was afforded the same opportunity.
It was in a segment on the Listening Post show aired on Al Jazeera English this morning, according to an associate producer, who confirmed this in a telephone call at about 6 a.m. PDT.
The show is scheduled to be aired on the brand new Aljazeera America  network at 2:30 EDT today in the East and 2:30 PDT in the West.
I was featured as a guest on the Global Village Voices slot speaking about the Bradley Manning case.

Watch the full statement in the video below the fold.

THE BACK STORY begins with an email received Aug. 9 from Will Yong, associate producer with the Listening Post show in London.
 “I have read your recent post on your blog about the conviction of Bradley Manning,” Yong wrote, “and I would like to invite you to contribute to a special show that we are preparing on the prosecution of whistleblowers and the implications for investigative journalism.”
I responded enthusiastically.
“I would LOVE to participate,” I wrote.
“I am such a fan of AJ.
“If you note, there are only THREE media outlets listed on my blog: AJ is the TOP one.”

Here is the email received from Al Jazeera Producer Will Yong in London. Click image to enlarge.

On Aug 12, Yong responded with instructions.
“Here’s how we usually do things:
“What we need is a video comment that is around 60 seconds in duration following these guidelines:”
The technical details were not complicated.
He also included three questions for me to address. The first was:
“1. What’s your assessment of the media coverage of the Bradley Manning trial given the importance of the story to journalism?”
I am indeed humbled that my opinion would be considered of value on a case that I have studied intently for more than three years.
That day, Monday Aug. 12, I spent a couple of hours producing the segment.
It ran a little long.
After further correspondence, Yong said to submit the entire 2 minute 38 second sound bite and they would do whatever editing was necessary.

Mission accomplished.
(It did take six or seven takes to get it just right, however. And then there were some refinements made with iMovie.)
When Yong arrived at work (London is currently GMT +1, Pasadena GMT -8) on Tuesday morning the file was in the drop box location he had specified.
On Aug. 21, in response to my queries about whether the show would be on the brand new Aljazeera America network, Yong wrote:
“Hi Warren, our show on whistleblowers airs this Saturday on AJAM. Will subsequently be available online.”
The online description of the show can be seen at this site. I have been advised the video will be available online to U.S. viewers after the show airs on Al Jazeera America.
Alas, since AJAM went on the air in the U.S. I have been unable to access the  AJ English site. There is an auto-redirect now that takes one to AJ America.
However, the links to other Listening Post programs are still available at yesterday’s In the (K)now post about the program.
The video below (produced Aug. 12 so a portion of it is outdated because of more recent events) is the complete version of my statement.
Judge for yourself, and post a comment. Agree or disagree, your views are important. I will engage with all significant contributors to the discussion.
This is what we at In the (K)now are truly about: an informed readership sharing our knowledge and expertise with diverse viewpoints and something of value to gain from participating in a discussion of the vital issues of our time.

UPDATE: For reasons as yet undetermined, the version of this show that aired on Aljazeera America at 2:30 p.m PDT did not include the segment in which my statement appeared. I have reconfirmed that Al Jazeera English version broadcast in the U.K. did include the segment and have contacted Will Yong for an explanation, but have had no response at this time

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