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October 12th, 2013 by Warren Swil

Kerry jumps on plane to Kabul

to soothe corrupt Bush lackey

Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai threatens to keep US out of his country. Let him. Click image to enlarge.

THE THOROUGHLY CORRUPT leader of Afghanistan and Bush lackey Hamid Karzai threatens to kick America out of his country, and the Secretary of State jumps on a plane to Kabul.
What is wrong with this picture?
After 12 years, billions of U.S. dollars and thousands of lives lost, this is the thank you?
Well, thank George Bush and Dick Cheney.
This was their war – and the current administration is dong its best to see the “country” doesn’t fall apart as U.S. troops and NATO forces prepare to depart next year.

IT WAS ALMOST a week ago, in a BBC interview, that Karzai issued his not-too-subtle threat.
In the story Afghanistan’s Hamid Karzai says Nato caused ‘great suffering‘ the BBC’s Yalda Hakim notes that Karzai has just six months remaining in office until a successor is elected.

The BBC Newsnight story about Karzai’s fighting words. He pulled no punches. Click image to enlarge.

“Speaking in one of his last major interviews before stepping down, he told BBC Newsnight that his priority now is to bring peace and security to Afghanistan, including a power-sharing deal with the Taliban.”
The Taliban? Isn’t that the mortal enemy whom we have been battling all these years?
Before the elections for Karzai’s successor the United States is keen to finalize a bilateral security agreement which will also formalize US-Afghan relations following the 2014 Nato troop withdrawal.
“The US wants this signed by Karzai, to avoid it becoming an election issue. However, the Afghan leader told Newsnight he was in no hurry to sign a pact:
“If the agreement doesn’t suit us then of course they can leave. The agreement has to suit Afghanistan’s interests and purposes. If it doesn’t suit us and if it doesn’t suit them then naturally we will go separate ways.”
This interview was broadcast Oct. 7.
Friday, Kerry shows up in Kabul.
The New York Times reported in Kerry Arrives in Kabul Amid Security Deal Impasse that the Secretary of State was there to make a deal.
Matthew Rosenberg reports:
“With talks on keeping American forces here beyond next year deadlocked, Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Kabul on Friday to try to break the impasse and head off a full American withdrawal from Afghanistan.”

The New York Times reveals Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Kabul on Friday. Click image to enlarge.

What would be so bad if we left the destroyed and dangerous country to its on devices?
Not much, it would appear.
“Mr. Kerry, whose visit was previously unannounced, was counting on his relatively good relationship with President Hamid Karzai to push through the two remaining sticking points in the talks on a long-term security deal that would allow American forces to remain here after the NATO combat mission ends in 2014,” Rosenberg writes.

THAT KERRY EVEN bothered is surprising, after the headlines Karzai generated throughout Europe – but not, of course, in the US – last week.
The Guardian story was headlined:
Hamid Karzai blasts US and Nato over attacks as security talks drag on
It did not mince words. “Hamid Karzai has ruled out signing a security deal with the United States until disagreements over sovereignty are resolved,” the story said.
“In angry remarks, the Afghan president condemned the NATO alliance for a military occupation that had caused ‘a lot of suffering, a lot of loss of life and no gains because the country is not secure.’ ”
The Guardian was reporting about a press conference where Karzai discussed the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) that keeps foreign troops in Afghanistan.
He cast doubt over whether the agreement would be renewed.

The Guardian in Britain covered a Karzai press conference at which he attacked the US. Click image to enlarge.

Karzai said: “The United States and Nato have not respected our sovereignty. Whenever they find it suitable to them, they have acted against it. This has been a serious point of contention between us and that is why we are taking issue of the BSA strenuously in the negotiations right now.”
The BBC added the following analysis to its story:
“Hamid Karzai has long had a troubled relationship with his Western backers. And whether it is fighting the Taliban or nation-building, he has often had very different objectives, especially from the US.
“Now, with only six months until elections for his successor Karzai is looking to establish his legacy. He says the most important thing for him is that he is seen as the man who did his utmost to defend and unite the new Afghanistan.”
One of the main reasons Afghanistan remains a violence-ridden basket case is because of the corrupt, inept leadership of the man installed by Dick Cheney (ahem, President Bush).
President Obama should call his bluff.
Pull out all U.S. troops – ahead of schedule – and let NATO follow.
Then let’s sit back and watch the “Mayor of Kabul” try to keep his warring factions in one country. It’s highly improbable that he can do so.

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2 Responses  
  • Brian writes:
    October 12th, 2013

    Now show us your peaceful side, can you americans be ‘real’ people, let go of this omnipotent attitude,you are not the boss!

    • warren writes:
      October 12th, 2013

      We know, Brian, but Bush/Cheney made such a mess of the world – and America – that it may never be fixed.
      They broke Afghanistan.
      Obama wants out.
      But he wants to leave it in the best possible shape.
      That is not a crime.

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