World’s premier yacht race clouded with uncertainty
Aug 5th, 2013 by Warren Swil

America’s Cup in

San Francisco may

not be all it could be

Larry Ellison’s Oracle Team USA AC 72, skippered by James Spithill and Ben Ainslie, is seen capsized in the San Franciso Bay after a testing session on Oct. 16, 2012. Click image to enlarge.
Photographer: Guilain Grenier

WITH THE FINALS of the America’s Cup set to begin in less than five weeks – on Sept. 7 – uncertainty surrounds the world’s premier sailing race, being held for the first time in San Francisco.
One crew man was killed in May when the craft of one of the four competitors, Artemis Sailing, tipped over in San Francisco Bay. Last October, the Team Oracle craft, owned by cup holder Larry Ellison, also tipped over, but no one was injured.
The City/County of San Francisco – or, more correctly – the taxpayers have invested north of $100 million in the event. If it flops, they will be on the hook – and so will many others.
Despite the uncertainty, one has to wonder whether, with only four competitors, this is a race at all.

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Educate yourself: take a trip abroad


There are few better ways to get a real education than to travel abroad.
No classroom – and no teacher, alas – can offer the kind of lessons one learns from foreign lands: the cultures, the history, the social norms (all different from one’s own, no matter where you call home)… even the different currency, drinking age and favorite local beverages.
In the final analysis, it is the sum of our experiences that makes us whom we are. The “stuff” just doesn’t matter. Don’t waste a minute. Start building who you are, today! Take a trip… it doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and the return on your investment will last a lifetime.

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A RARE DAY: Enjoying 2 favorite sports in 1 day (Part II)

There are few better ways to spend a summer’s afternoon than lazing on the deck of a 40-foot luxury yacht a mile or two off the beaches of Santa Monica Bay in Southern California.
On Sunday, for about 25 members of the SoCal Social Club it was bicycle riding and sailing on a luxury yacht – all in the same glorious day.
Get the full story here, now.

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A RARE DAY: Bicycling in the morning, sailing after noon (Part I)

Southern California is famous for its outdoors sports offerings. What’s not so well known is how – if you wish – you can combine them on the same day!
On Sunday, it was bicycle riding and sailing on a luxury yacht – all in the same glorious day as about 25 members of the SoCal Social Club enjoyed this rare combination of two fabulous sports in one day.
Get In the (K)now here, now.

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Search abandoned for missing yacht with 3 Americans aboard

As search for the historic 70-foot American schooner Nina was called off on Friday. It was reported missing on June 27.
A Florida family and four others are presumed dead and their yacht lost.
It is a tragic loss, but do not forget: they perished doing something they love. I hope I go that way. May they rest in peace.

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U.S taxpayers helping destroy global treasure

The U.S. Export-Import Bank is spending billions of dollars in taxpayer funds on a project that threatens to cause irreversible harm to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
“[T]here is concern that [this project is] contributing to the destruction of one of the world’s natural wonders,” says former CBS News Anchorman Dan Rather.
It’s a scandal that an agency of the United States government, using our money, is contributing to the destruction of the only living thing can be seen from space.
We should be doing everything we can to stop it.

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Top sailing race imperiled from many sides

The America’s Cup sailing race, being primarily arranged by multibillionaire Oracle founder Larry Ellison, is beset by problems – not the least of which was the fatal accident which claimed the life of a crewman in May.
Will the show go on as scheduled later in the summer?
A leading expert, who has covered all the preparations for the race in great detail for Wired Magazine, is emphatic.
“There is zero chance that it will be canceled,” said Wired Reporter Adam Fisher in an exclusive interview on Wednesday.

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You, too, can become a ‘skip’

Fortunately for many of us, the technology of handling a sailboat especially in the idyllic conditions found more than 300 days a year in Santa Monica Bay – has advanced so far the physical demands have been reduced to the level that even a couch potato could master.

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Tragedy stuns global yachting community

“Today is a sad day for all of us in the sailing community. Andrew Simpson was a great person, a terrific sailor, and a good friend to all of our team. “

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Rich and famous wannabees cruise the French Rivera